Get all your AVARJANA-related questions answered.


AVARJANA is a direct selling company that offers a range of products in the area of health, wellness, lifestyle, personal care and home care through an e-commerce platform. AVARJANA products are designed to help people live healthier and improve their lifestyle and livelihood. In addition to providing high quality products, AVARJANA customers can also take advantage of the direct selling business offered by AVARJANA by promoting its products and services to others.

Avarjana was established in Nepal in 2020. 

Is AVARJANA an Investment Scheme?

AVARJANA is NOT an investment scheme. In fact, it is not any type of scheme at all. It is a legitimate direct selling business where you only pay money to purchase products. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of AVARJANA products, you can sign up as a Distributor through our e-commerce portal at avarjana.net.

Do I have to recruit other people to make money?

You cannot make money in this business by recruiting anyone. Only pyramid schemes focus on recruiting people. Such schemes are not sustainable and will inevitably collapse. AVARJANA business is based on a sustainable model that does not allow anyone to make money through recruitment. 

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is a method of marketing and retailing goods and services directly to the consumers, in their homes or in any other location away from permanent retail premises. Such type of sales is largely driven by word-of-mouth referrals. Products sold through direct selling companies have unique features and are exclusive to the company and are not available in malls or department stores.

The direct selling industry has been thriving based on such relationship-based marketing for more than 150 years. There’s approximately over 100 million people around the world that are involved in this industry in both part-time and full-time capacity.

Is Direct Selling legal in Nepal?

Yes, the government recently passed these laws to support and regulate the industry

How can I make money with AVARJANA?

The only way to earn an income with AVARJANA is through product sales. Once you use our products and enjoy them and sponsor others to purchase them, you can earn commissions on actual sales. AVARJANA uses a business plan that calculates commissions payable to you based on the sales volume generated through your customers and Sponsored Distributors in our e-commerce portal.

How quickly can I start making an income with AVARJANA?

Direct Selling is a business like any other. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and to succeed in this business, you need to work hard, be patient and committed, and be goal oriented. This business gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The only difference is that you do not have to worry about a large-scale start-up cost and operational overheads like in a traditional business. Your success depends entirely upon you and the hard work you put in.