Flexible Work And Self-Employment Opportunities 

The Direct Selling industry laid the groundwork for what we now call the gig economy and has led the way for flexible work and self-employment opportunities for more than a century.

It’s an exciting industry that provides you a one-to-one business model to sell your products or services without the constraints of a traditional retail location.


A Global Business in the New Economy

The emergence of on-demand business, the shift away from traditional work arrangements, the rise of the emerging middle class, not to mention technological innovations the way the world works has changed remarkably fast in the past two decades. Flexible work is more commonplace than ever before.

*WFDSA Global Statistics Report 2022
World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

For direct selling organisations,

this means a tremendous opportunity to thrive in what we do best.

“But above all, this means a tremendous opportunity for you”